Payday Cash Advance Scam Using BBB Name

Roanoke Virginia

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ROANOKE, VA – “I am extremely sorry to say Mr. Maam, but your applied cash advance cannot be approved right now. The better business bureau has put a hold on your bank account. If you can send us an additional payment scheduled.

The consumer who is staying at Virginia hang up the phone. Within three days, and $215.00 later she gave up hope she would ever see her before approved $5,000.00 cash advance loan. She has been scammed.

A Payday cash loans scam is now using the Better Business Bureau name is an “attempt to rob loan” consumers of hundreds of dollars. One of the good business bureau has no connection with any loan or loan application of any baby and does not have the able to pay loan debt, or the inclination, to put a hold on a borrowers bank account. Using of the BBB Name in such a manner is an attempt through a scammer to appear trustworthy and legitimate.

According to Virginia consumer, after applying quick payday loan, she was quickly contacted by a payday company executive with the news she had been approved for a $5,000.00 cash advance loan. Payday loans agency required a $100green dot prepaid cash card as a show fait in front of lender, it all become before sending applied cash advance.

This is no matter what company or agency these individuals use, they do not send cash up front, said Julie Wheeler, who is president and CEO of BBB serving Western VA.  The Legitimate loan vendors will never request upfront interest rate to process a short-term loan. When borrowers transfer fund to the payday cash loan company, or gives out prepaid cash card numbers, the cash are impossible to get back the cash loan will never come.

The BBB Reminds loan seekers to keep the some tips in mind which is mention below:

  • Start With Trust – Verify the business review of any payday loan company with the BBB and your state agency Bureau that regulates financial institutions prior to entering into a deal with them.
  • Beware “guaranteed approval” claims – Legal payday lenders will not offer guarantees or promises of acceptance prior to application form. This is especially right if you have a bad credit record or no credit history at all.
  • Never give out financial information – You are not aware from payday lender from earlier, so do not share personal information on email, phone, or other means.

We at Payday Loans World suggest all the borrowers to first check the history of the Lender before you get involve into the Payday Loans Transactions.

2 thoughts on “Payday Cash Advance Scam Using BBB Name

  1. I agree with you. These days many scams are going on in the name of Payday Loans. To be safe from these scams borrowers have to know which lender is legal and which one is illegal. So, My suggestion is that apply for payday loans after knowing all information about the loan provider or lender.