PUB Rules rates unaffected for Payday Loans Seekers

Public Utilities Board

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(Manitoba, CA) – Recently some money lending companies and agencies like money grants, cash provider companies and other payday loans organizations are not going to low down their business due to the hard regional rules.

It is clear now that they are as you can see in the picture that the outcome of the decision that was released yesterday at the PUB (public utilities board), tasked with revising the Province’s three years old cap on payday loans pricing.

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Payday Cash Advance Scam Using BBB Name

Roanoke Virginia

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ROANOKE, VA – “I am extremely sorry to say Mr. Maam, but your applied cash advance cannot be approved right now. The better business bureau has put a hold on your bank account. If you can send us an additional payment scheduled.

The consumer who is staying at Virginia hang up the phone. Within three days, and $215.00 later she gave up hope she would ever see her before approved $5,000.00 cash advance loan. She has been scammed. Continue reading